This teen’s viral trash bag prom dress is for anyone who ever called her “trashy”

Prom has always been a huge high school moment, but it has grown into something even more elaborate. This is particularly true when it comes to prom dresses, which are sometimes thought of as a landmark dress in a young woman’s lifetime. You can buy your prom dress from a fancy store or you can do something decidedly more unique. This teen created a viral trash bag prom dress, which sounds weird but looks amazing. And the reasoning behind it is equally amazing: it’s dedicated to anyone who has ever called her “trashy.” Honestly, we’re fully on board.

Amber Scholl, a YouTuber from Los Angeles, California, created this trash bag prom dress after her subscribers asked her to do a DIY prom dress video. A trash-inspired look may not have been exactly what they had in mind, but surprisingly, it came out, well, beautiful. Amber tweeted that the dress was inspired by anyone who had ever called her “trashy.” If that’s not the best reason to create a show-stopping dress, we don’t know what is.

Now, a dress made from a trash bag doesn’t sound like it’s going to be gorgeous. You might be imagining a literal trash bag dressed up with a belt and some heels. This isn’t like that. Amber used a black bodysuit as the base of her dress, then created a bodice made of black trash bag rosettes. The skirt, which is floor-length, is sheer with matching trash flowers along the hem. To create the look, the teen used trash bags, Scotch tape, and duct tape.

The finished dress is actually stunning — even Amber says it came out better than she thought it would. From far away, you can’t tell that the dress is made of literal trash bags. It kind of looks like a chic, goth version of a typical prom dress.

The result almost immediately went viral on social media. As of Monday, Amber’s prom dress tweet had over 3,000 retweets and more than 16,000 likes. She told Teen Vogue that she’s pleased by the response, saying,

"I feel so loved and am amazed by the internet - how many people you can reach is amazing."

Amber also had a little advice that she shared with Teen Vogue. She reminded students everywhere to have fun with prom instead of stressing out over it, saying, “Have fun and don’t take it too seriously — the whole point is to have a great night and feel beautiful, whatever that means to you.” She hit the nail on the head.

If you want to attempt this trash bag prom dress, Amber put together a whole YouTube video on how to do it (and it’s pretty easy to copy):

Honestly, we’re impressed. Amber set the bar pretty high for prom season, guys. Let’s use this as a reminder to enjoy yourself during prom season, without worrying about what you’re wearing.

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