#Trap: It’s Not That Thing You’re Dancing To

Trap is having a good week! Too bad it’s the re-birth of Trap.

Originally the term ‘Trap’ came from southern street slang and usually referred to selling illegal things. The  trap is where one would purchase, sell or manufacture the goods. Trapping is the act that goes into the selling or hustle. The term comes from the idea of being stuck in a cycle miking fast money and then spending it quickly thus needing to begin the cycle again with no end in sight – trapped.


Now, if someone is on their hustle, they might say they are “in the trap” without actually being in the physical location of a Trap. Nicki Minaj defined TRAP best here.

So sitting in your office and working hard= U in tha Trap, playgirl *Nicki Minaj voice*

Now, Trap MUSIC (prior to the Electronic Dance Music genre) was the type of music that would narrate the story of the Trap, where the artist was usually a former Trap star (person known for their hustling skills) like Gucci Mane or Young Jeezy. T.I. is a great example of an artist who broke away from his Trapping lifestyle to become a successful artist but continually references his past experiences in the Trap and uses them as a backdrop for interviews and music videos

The current trend of Trap music is EDM trap and is still being defined. Like with most musical genres, it’s changing as the artists grow. In a nutshell, it is EDM with a thick heavy rap bass. Diplo is currently leading this trend so check him out for examples of new Trap music. Harlem Shake is considered EDM Trap which is why the slang term Trap has been making a mainstream appearance…lets hope it goes away soon.


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