Transgender people in India are shutting down stereotypes in awesome new campaign

Trans people around the world tend to be hugely dehumanized, and as a result, face horrifying rates of violence and mental health issues. However, one group seeks to change that: Transgender India, a project that seeks to build a sense of community among trans Indians, recently debuted their ‎#NotAHijra‬ campaign to challenge negative stereotypes faced by trans Indians and to build awareness of the important issue.

According to BuzzFeed India, the focus of the campaign was to challenge the idea that trans folks are “only sex workers and beggars.”

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a sex worker, the campaign seeks to broaden the understanding of who trans people are. They are just as varied and complex an identity group as cis people are, and it’s time that we as a world come to understand that simple fact.

Here are a few of the incredible photographs.

1. “I am trans* and I draw a six figure salary every month.”


2. “I am trans, but I am human first.”


3. “I am trans* and I am not a sex worker.”


4. “I am trans* and I am a physical trainer.”


5. “I am trans* and I don’t like makeup.”  


6. “I am trans and I am asexual.”