“Transformers” busts through a glass ceiling hiring a woman to write the first spinoff film

The Transformers franchise is known for high-octane action and awesome transforming robots. Thus far, it has also been known for being written by men, even though tons of women enjoy the movies too. Well, Paramount announced that Transformers’ Bumblebee spinoff was written by Christina Hodson. We are so excited to hear that. The studio gathered a collection of writers, including Christina and two other women, to discuss the future of the Transformers franchise. It sounds like the brainstorm worked, because we are totally pumped up to see that a woman will be writing a big budget action movie.

Christina Hodson has quickly become one of the most sought-after female action writers in Hollywood.

In a genre traditionally dominated by men, we are glad to see Christina making her name. She’s not only writing this Bumblebee spinoff, but she has also been hired to write the Harley Quinn spinoff for Warner Brothers. Christina started her career in film development before turning to screenwriting. Christina has also written thrillers Shut In as well as Unforgettable.

No details have been released about the plot of the Bumblebee spinoff, but there’s no denying he’s a favorite character.

We can’t wait to see how Christina transforms the franchise!

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