This trans woman just posted a very important selfie to make a point about bathroom laws

Sarah McBride peed the other day. But it wasn’t just any trip to the bathroom. Sarah is a transgender woman, and she chose to use a women’s restroom in North Carolina. In a government building, no less.

Sarah’s powerful act comes after North Carolina put HB2 into effect, a law that requires bathroom goers to use the restroom of their gender at birth, consequently discriminating against many in the LGBT community.

The 25 year-old trans woman and activist is the communications manager for LGBT Progress at American Progress, and she was recently in North Carolina to speak to trans people about how the law was affecting their lives.

Then, after a meeting at the Mecklenburg Government Center on Thursday, she went to the ladies’ room.

The response on Facebook was overwhelming, garnering 38,000 reactions and 13,804 shares at the time of publication.

“I’m sorry for my state, Sarah. I’m hoping VERY much they see the error of their ways and repeal this piece of garbage soon. Thank you for ‘breaking the rules’ to illustrate how stupid this whole thing is,” wrote one person. “Proud to pee next to you anytime! #repealHB2,” wrote another.

“This isn’t about abstract issues or fears,” Sarah told BuzzFeed. “This is about real people being able to access the bathroom and being able to participate in public life.”

“I’m a person just trying to make it through my day,” she added in her statement. “Regardless of how I look I shouldn’t be afraid of discrimination or violence.”

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