There’s a new stock photo site devoted to gender nonbinary and trans representation, and the photos are beautiful

Although transgender and nonbinary people have gained increased visibility over the past few years, representation continues to lag. In Hollywood, cisgender actors are still cast as trans characters, while ads and news articles rarely feature photos of trans people or couples. But today, March 26th, in a huge step for representation and inclusion, Vice’s feminist channel, Broadly, launched a brand-new (free) stock photo library that features trans and nonbinary models.

In a letter to readers, Broadly Editor-in-Chief Lindsay Schrupp wrote that the new library was created in response to the lack of trans and nonbinary people in traditional stock photos. Schrupp pointed out that when you search for the term “transgender” on many photo sites, the images typically depict the abstract, like the trans pride symbol, without showing real people. She wrote that the new library, called The Gender Spectrum Collection, contains more than 180 images using a total of 15 models. Photographer Zackary Drucker took the photos.

"Broadly’s Gender Spectrum Collection aims to help media better represent trans and non-binary people who are not necessarily defined by their gender identities, but rather as human beings with careers, relationships, talents, passions, and internal lives—people you see at the office, at school, in your home," Schrupp's letter read.


The Gender Spectrum Collection’s usage guidelines note that images in the library can be used to accompany stories about all topics—not just those about the trans community. Stock photos are everywhere, and—as Schrupp notes—when trans people aren’t included in these images, the community remains invisible.

"Erasure often happens quietly, through falling back on customary practices and making seemingly small decisions to cut here, replace there," Schrupp concluded her letter. "The transgender community has a prolific history of breaking with society’s mandates in order to live as their authentic selves; it’s time we follow in their footsteps, to boldly break from the status quo and usher in a new paradigm of visibility."


We’re so excited to see The Gender Spectrum Collection, and we applaud Broadly for taking this important step toward inclusivity.

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