A transgender homecoming king has a message for all of us

Just a few weeks ago we were celebrating Kansas City teen Landon Patterson for becoming her high school’s first openly transgender homecoming queen and now we are celebrating Minnesota trans teen Charlie Barker who just became his high school’s first openly trans homecoming king. You guys, we are LOVING Homecoming 2015. Also, as Mic reminds us, shout-outs are in order for gender non-conforming teen Steven Sanchez who was crowned homecoming queen of the University of Northern Iowa in 2013 and Cassidy Lynn Campbell, a trans teen who was elected homecoming queen of her Huntington Beach, CA high school in 2013 for blazing ALL the trails.

But spotlight back in Charlie Baca, because his win is the most recent and he’s hoping his win will help other LGBTQA+ teens.

“I wanted to kind of help them by showing them that it’s not as scary as the stories they might have heard … that our culture nowadays has become more accepting,” Baca told the Pioneer Press.

Baca knows what it’s like to be in the closet, and he knows what it’s like to struggle with whether or not to reveal one’s true self to the world. It was just this past summer that he came out to his parents as trans. “During the summer, I had my mind set that I wanted my last year of high school to be me,” Baca explained. “I wanted to graduate as who I am. I am on the right track as of now.”

In fact, Baca ran for homecoming king to raise awareness. Now that he’s won, he plans on starting an LGBTQA+ club at his high school, something that hasn’t existed during his high school career. Baca intends for the club to foster solidarity and community, and provide a support system for students who may be experiencing bullying.

“I just want to let as many people as possible know that it’s OK, and that there are people you don’t even know about that are supporting you,” he told the Pioneer Press.

We are so happy for Baca’s win and SO happy that he’s using his platform as a powerful tool to make his school a more inclusive and supportive environment.


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