The trailer for Netflix’s new reality show, “Beastmaster,” is here, and it has us PUMPED

Oh, Netflix. You never cease to amaze and surprise us with your constantly updating slate of original content! Now guys, hold on tight and start mentally preparing for something you didn’t expect, because the Ultimate Beastmaster trailer has dropped. It’s a reality show about elite athletes coming together from all over the world and competing in a ridiculously difficult obstacle course called “The Beast.”

Have you seen American Ninja Warriorand witnessed the superhuman strength of those competitors? Yeah, this is in the same vein. But bigger and badder. And better, hopefully.

And Sylvester Stallone is the host! Because of course he is.

Phew, that seriously inspired us to go run up some stairs (got to start somewhere)!

The show arrives on Netflix February 24th, and we can’t wait to watch this exhilarating  show from the comfort of…our living room. While we munch on popcorn.

Not that we weren’t serious about the stairs, but come on. This is crazy stuff.

If you’re feeling as pumped (and scared?) as we are, why not have a mini-binge of some sweet action or sports movies in the meantime? It’ll get you in the mood for people doing insane things with their body. Netflix has a ton, but you can’t go wrong with Mission Impossible III. Or for something more comedic, Hot Fuzz or The Benchwarmers are solid options.

Now excuse us while we go and seize the day, Ultimate Beastmaster style. Which pretty much means we’re gonna have a good day. Maybe we’ll skip instead of walk.

H/T: Vulture

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