We have a trailer for the feminist movie of the year: ‘Suffragette’

Although it doesn’t hit theaters until late October, we’re already excited for Focus Features’ upcoming Suffragette. We have a new trailer for the film, which tells the story of the women’s rights movement in the United Kingdom, and it looks so intense!

In the film, Carey Mulligan, who’s up for a Tony award this Sunday, plays Maud, who from the looks of the trailer, gets swept up in the growing push for women’s voting rights in 1912. She joins the growing movement, which includes Emmeline Pankhurst (played by Meryl Streep), Edith New (Helena Bonham Carter), Emily Davison (Natalie Press), and other icons of feminism. But as crackdowns begin, the women take to action over words.

The script is written by Abi Morgan, the brains behind the Margaret Thatcher movie The Iron Lady and the Cold War TV series The Hour. It also happens to be the first film to ever shoot on location in the U.K. Houses of Parliament/

The film looks gritty, dark and powerful. As the women are beaten in the streets and persecuted by authorities, they fight back: “We break windows. We burn things. Because war is the only language men listen to,” Maud says at one point. The trailer itself is extremely moving, and we can only imagine the strength of the movie itself.

As women continue to fight for their rights, this look back at the trailblazers who changed the world couldn’t come at a better time. The lengths to which they went to secure basic human rights is absolutely incredible, and it’s crucial that we never forget their fight.

Look for Suffragette in some theaters on October 23 and more widely on Thanksgiving. Is it fall yet?Suffragette – Trailer No. 1

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