Put your eyes on the final action-packed trailer for “The Divergent Series: Allegiant”

All great series (Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, etc.) must come to an onscreen end at some point. And in just over a month—on March 18—we’ll get to witness the first of the two-part conclusion to the Shailene Woodley-led Divergent films, in the form of Allegiant.

And while we’ve seen an initial trailer already, a brand-new one, released yesterday (maybe a Valentine’s Day gift from Lionsgate? THANKS, GUYS!), is here—and it’s full of action.

By the looks of its epicness, we have a sneaking suspicion this trailer might’ve been released to get us preordering our tickets (spoiler: it totally worked). In it, we see Woodley’s badass Divergent protagonist Tris Prior kicking some major butt alongside her (at one point shirtless) also-Divergent boo Four. They’re joined by Tris’ brother Caleb, her sometimes frenemy Peter, and her BFF Christina, who band together to do what they do best: try their damnedest to save post-apocalyptic Chicago and as many people as they can in the process.

We also get scenes with Jeff Daniels and Octavia Spencer, who are amazing as always—and the former of whom gives us just a few chills when he says, “It’s over, Tris.” Because the Jeff Daniels we know just doesn’t talk like that, dang it. He’s supposed to be fun! He’s supposed to be fatherly! If I was Tris, I’d be doomed. Luckily, Tris seems to know better.

Anyway, we don’t want to give too much away, so check out the war-powered trailer for yourself here and rejoice with us that March 18 is so, so close.

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