The trailer for the Will Smith and Kate Winslet’s movie “Collateral Beauty” will make you feel lots of things

The trailer for the new movie, “Collateral Beauty” gives us all the feels. Will Smith stars as a man who has lost all hope after losing his daughter. As a way of coping with his depression, he begins writing letters – but not people, to concepts. He writes to Time, Death and Love, and then one day, they start visiting him. In the flesh. They show up one by one, in kind of a Dickensian A Christmas Carol way to help him work through his grief.

Smith’s character eventually begins to see how everything is connected and how meaning and beauty can emerge even in loss.

Death is a life-giving Hellen Mirren in azalea blue, while Love is a heartbreakingly beautiful Kiera Knightley in red.

Kate Winslet and Edward Norton round out the star-studded cast. The trailer shows Smith’s emotional bravado as an actor. You ever see The Pursuit of Happyness? The man’s a powerhouse.

Director David Frankel of The Devil Wears Prada recently answered fans’ questions on Twitter. In response to what he hopes viewers take away from Collateral Damage, he said, “A powerful desire to connect more strongly with the people they love.”

At one point in the trailer, Norton asks, “What if Love, Death, and Time are trying to help you?” And we realize that’s a question we could ask ourselves.

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