The trailer for Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver’s new movie “Silence” looks INTENSE

We’ve seen a lot of eerie and intense movie trailers in our time (Gore Verbinski’s upcoming A Cure for Wellness springs to mind immediately), and we officially have another to add to our list. Prepare!

The trailer for Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver’s new movie Silence (directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese) has us extremely tense right now. The film — one of Scorsese’s most epic to date — is a  historical drama about Jesuit priests traveling through 17th century Japan. It looks moving, fascinating, and downright brutal.

Even if historical drama is not typically your go-to genre, this will likely be essential viewing for anyone in the mood for quality filmmaking and storytelling. It’s adapted from a 1966 novel by Japanese author Shusaku Endo, who wrote from the relatively rare perspective of a Japanese Roman Catholic. So needless to say, the story will likely entail a lot of cultural and religious nuance.

If you’re wondering when you can see the whole thing, Silence premieres on December 23rd (in limited theaters). Perhaps it’s the perfect fodder to see with your history buff relatives? We’re personally very curious to see how Garfield and Driver take on these incredibly lofty roles!