The first trailer for “Trading Spaces” is here, and everyone’s so excited they can’t stop screaming

After 10 long years, Trading Spaces is getting a fresh coat of paint from the TV gods and returning to the small screen — right where it truly belongs. Dubbed as “the mother of all design shows” (and deservedly so), Trading Spaces is back to serve us with more out-of-this-world makeovers and shocking homeowner reactions.

Just in case you forgot what it’s all about in its hiatus, here’s what happens on each episode: The show follows two sets of neighbors, trading keys to redesign a room in each other’s homes with just $1000 to boot and a little help from designers and carpenters. The neighbors have two days to redecorate, and a big reveal comes right after. The results are most of the time astonishing, and sometimes downright disappointing, but always, always fascinating!

This goes without saying, but we *can’t wait* for the Trading Spaces reboot!

And TLC, thankfully, just gave a first glimpse at what to expect, via Entertainment Weekly:

[tempo-video id=”5704554588001″ account=”219646971″]

We’re so glad that host Paige Davis, along with the OG team of design experts (shout out to Ty Pennington and Vern Yip!), is back at it again to double down on the nostalgia. We can’t wait to see them all back in action!

Apparently, neither can Davis, who revealed that she couldn’t contain her excitement when the reboot was first presented to her.

“I was very proactive about it," she told EW. "I knew they had a lot of decisions to make, and I just kind of offered myself up to say, ‘I’m here. Even if you just have questions, I’m here to be a part of it in any way that you see fit.’ So I was very delighted when I got the phone call to say, ‘Yes, indeed, we want you to host it.’ I screamed.

We’re screaming right there with you, Paige!

Trading Spaces is coming back this spring, but a premiere date is yet to be announced. In the meantime, the most logical thing to do is to plot ways to join the show. From years of obsessing over home improvement programs, redesigning rooms would be a piece of cake!

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