People lost their minds when they thought Trader Joe’s was closing all their stores

In the name of all things Cookie Butter, why would you joke about something as TRAGIC (and basically world-ending) as Trader Joe’s closing? Yes, it may be April Fools’ Day, but how dare you mess with our specialty grocery store! That, my friends, is crossing a line.

Yesterday, Yahoo! News decided to unleash a surprise, April Fools’ attack when they published a story titled “Trader Joe’s to Close All Stores by 2017, Plans to Discontinue Products.” As we were all unprepared for such an unforeseen headline, the Internet collectively freaked the EFF out.

We also learned that many rarely read entire articles anymore because, at the bottom of the page, Azcentral reports that it read, “If this shocking news hits you as hard as it hit me, fear not. It’s merely April Fools’ time. Now go celebrate being a fool with your favorite cheap wine.” (No cheap wine was bought. No fools were celebrated. Instead, all the alarms were sounded.)

People were feeling things:

Others were focused on the fact that it wasn’t actually April Fools’ Day when the prank wrecked havoc upon the world:

Then again, some (also) had not a care to give:

As for us, we have several questions: Is it now okay to start April Fools’ pranks a day early? Can anyone be trusted? Also – Why would you mess with our Cookie Butter like that?

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