Tracy Morgan returned to “Saturday Night Live” to burn Destiny’s Child — as one of Beyoncé’s unborn twins

Though virtually all episodes of Saturday Night Live have, as of late, centered around US politics, let us not forget that this weekend’s installment, hosted by Alec Baldwin, featured Tracy Morgan playing one of Beyoncé’s unborn twins from inside her uterus.

Though to be quite honest with you, there really is no chance that we could ever forget this. Because it’s absolutely as visually horrifying as it sounds.

In the sketch, Bey (Sasheer Zamata) visits her doctor (Baldwin) for an ultrasound, only instead of tiny adorable fetuses we see fully grown “babies,” played by Morgan and Kenan Thompson, bragging about how dope their lives will be in utero.

“I just feel like we’re different from other babies,” Morgan’s twin begins, later noting that when people meet their mother “they scream, so she’s either a beautiful queen or a goblin.”


Morgan, who was an SNL player from 1996 to 2003, also does a variation on one of his 30 Rock character’s most enduring recurring jokes, quipping that he’d be “the first person ever to get somebody pregnant while they’re inside somebody pregnant.”

Inarguably the highlight of the whole thing is a burn delivered by Morgan late on. When Thompson’s twin wonders if carrying two boisterous boys will be tough on their mother, Morgan’s goes straight for the jugular, saying

"I heard she carried two full-grown ladies for years named Michelle and Kelly."


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