Tracee Ellis Ross Called Out a Photoshopped Pic of Her Butt

Her response? *Chef's kiss*

Celebrity photos go viral these days for all kinds of reasons, and it’s hard to predict just when, why, or how a meme might take off on the Twittersphere. But Tracee Ellis Ross recently caught wind of a photo of herself from 2015 making the internet rounds that had been egregiously edited, and her response is instantly classic.

The Black-ish star stumbled upon a pic from one of the fire-hot outfits she wore as co-host of the 2015 BET Awards, in which she’s donning a black leather catsuit. Ross noticed that her backside had been, er, enhanced, giving her the illusion of a bigger butt. So, she took to her Instagram Stories on September 28th to post a side-by-side shot of both the original and the edited photos, pointing out the bizarre editing done on the latter picture—with fan accounts capturing it all in action.

First, Ross shared “the original,” dubbing it “my actual booty,” and the edited pic, which she described as ″someone’s photoshopped version,″ including arrows and a hand sticker pointing at her butt.

Adding her signature brand of humor, Ross wrote, “…looks like someone tried to round me up to the nearest dollar 😂🤦🏾‍♀️,″ adding ″LOL and “What the?!” stickers to the post.

Of course, we love that she called it out in such a hilarious way, but it is worth noting that unnecessarily editing a photo of someone else could certainly cause them harm or make them feel uncomfortable, and there really isn’t a kind or valid reason to do so. Social media is chock full of fun and silly filters and photo-editing tools to experiment with, but it’s never a bad idea to consider the implications of using them on someone else without their consent.

Either way, Ross looked incredible in the original shot, and the fact that she has such a solid sense of humor about it all just makes her that much cooler.