Tracee Ellis Ross Wants You to Love Your Body Even If You’ve Gained Weight This Year

Your body carried you through a pandemic, and that is amazing.

If your body looks a little different these days after spending a year living in a pandemic, Tracee Ellis Ross is here to tell you that you’re not alone.

In a new video she shared on Instagram on Thursday, the Black-ish star admitted that during the past year, she’s spent less time in the gym than she normally would and ate food as her “comfort” and her “treat” to cope with everything that’s been going on. “I didn’t transform my body and exercise like a crazy woman…and, as a result, my body feels different,” she said.

But instead of stressing about extra weight, Ross is choosing to be grateful to her body for carrying her through this time, along with the wisdom it’s shown her.

“With all the sharpness and harshness and violence and fear that has been around, perhaps the softness of my body is a blessing. It has been able to nurture me in a way that my mind could not,” Ross said.

She went on to say that this is a time for us to offer compassion everywhere, and that includes our bodies, too.

It can be incredibly difficult to cope with changes in the way we look, especially when so many of us have been struggling for so many different reasons for the past year. But Ross is right—our bodies did something amazing by getting us through it all, and we all deserve to give ourselves a little bit of slack.

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