This fan theory explains how ‘Toy Story’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ are the same story

Fan theories are serious business. They’re popping up left and right, and every inch of the media is a target — no TV show or movie is safe. No character is too minor, no detail too obscure. If there’s a nugget of an idea, some clever person on the Internet WILL manage to turn it into a mind-blowingly clever theory.

Ready to have your mind blown yet again? The latest fan theory we stumbled on is not messing around. Titled ‘Zombie Story,’ it comes from imgur and hypothesizes that Toy Story and The Walking Dead are the same story. But what does a Pixar movie about childhood toys have to do with zombies? Let’s look at the storylines.

There certainly are some similarities. For starters, the protagonists (Woody and Rick) are sheriffs, and their best friends (Buzz and Shane) are super macho men. Each has a kid they hold near and dear to their heart (Andy and Carl), but that kid gravitates towards their best friend — and eventually, there are deadly consequences. The examples go on and on, and are perfectly illustrated with side-by-side screengrabs of Toy Story and The Walking Dead.

What’s more, there’s a video that perfectly explains the theory, right down to the eye-patch-wearing spud. It even matches up the three Toy Story movies to the three Walking Dead seasons perfectly. PERFECTLY, you guys. One thing’s for sure — we’ll never be able to un-see this theory. You can’t argue with this logic!

(Image via Pixar.)