The man behind that sad Andy’s dad “Toy Story” tale is sharing another theory about Al’s Toy Barn

Pixar fans have a lot of questions about Andy’s dad in Toy Story. Not only is he absent, but many think that his absence could solve a lot of the other fan theories. Though the Toy Story theory shared last weekend was debunked by a Pixar writer, it still got us thinking about what could possibly be true about Andy’s dad. And now with Toy Story 4‘s release date approaching, why not figure out where Andy’s dad has been all this time?

Because really, it’s a big deal for fans of the franchise. The creators have said that Andy’s dad just wasn’t important to the story, but fans are still looking for answers.

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According to the theory, Andy’s dad died from Post Polio-Syndrome. The reason Woody is so rare and precious to Andy is because it was his father’s toy from his youth, and the toy wasn’t made for mass production. The theory was shared by Mike Mozart with the SuperCarlinBrothers for their YouTube channel. It was a story allegedly shared with him by the former head of Pixar, Joe Ranft, before he passed away.

The worst part of the theory is that the toys know no different. They think Andy is still their owner from all those years ago.

But as it turns out, that’s not the only theory that Mike Mozart shared with them.

In a second YouTube video, the SuperCarlinBrothers are shareing the background behind Al from Al’s Toy Barn and the “secret it helps reveal.”

You can watch the whole video below, but we’ll break it down.

The theory is simple: A young Al grew up on his father’s farm being spoiled with plenty of toys. As kids, he and Andy Sr. would play together, and Al, a toy collector even in his youth, was jealous of Andy’s rare Woody toy. When Al grew up, he inherited his father’s farm, sold off the land piece by piece, and used the money to buy his penthouse apartment. He kept the barn, though, and turned into his toy store.

The videos goes even further to connect the Toy Story universe to Up!

The story about how the city grew all around Al’s dad’s barn is pretty similar to what happened to Carl and Ellie’s house. But that’s not even where the theory gets good. If you watch carefully, you can see what might be the same little girl at the preschool in Toy Story 3 and in Up. There’s also a postcard to Carl and Ellie from a woman named Emma Jean that appares in both films. SuperCarlinBrothers suggests that Emma Jean might be Andy Jr.’s grandma, that she sent the postcard to Carl and Ellie, and that Carl gave it back to Andy Jr.

Watch the whole thing for yourself.

These might just be the same kind of easter eggs that Disney and Pixar put in all their films, but they could also be more proof that all the Disney Pixar films are connected. It’s pretty amazing either way. After all, who doesn’t love a good Toy Story theory? We’ll just have to wait and see if this one gets debunked too.