This toy store commercial is totally breaking down gender norms and we’re obsessed with it

It’s always so refreshing to see subtle changes in the way that society is going. It’s amazing to see when shifts in attitudes filter down into the things that you take for granted, like TV shows, movies, and even commercials. That’s why we’re so obsessed with this toy store’s latest ad.

As Halloween approaches, we’re sure that we’re going to, as usual, see LOADS of kids dressed up as their favorite characters from superhero movies, cartoons, animated films, and more. We’re also sure we’ll see a load of beautiful princesses. However, what we’re seeing more and more of is little boys wanting to dress up as princesses, too (as they should do because princesses rock).

Now, UK toy store Smyths Toys have released a commercial that totally breaks down and conceived notions of what little boys should and shouldn’t play.

The animated clip sees the character of Oscar singing a cover of Beyoncé’s “If I Were a Boy,” retitled “If I Were a Toy,” as he journeys into out space with a bunch of toys imagining he’s a rocket. He then becomes the queen of a kingdom of Furbies (yep) in a sparkly pink and purple dress and crown.

The clip, which has been watched 0n Facebook over 42,000 times, has over 430 shares, and a bunch of wonderful comments under it, too.

"my 3.5 year old boy loves ur advert so much that i had to find it on his kids utube app and he watched it over n over 8 times and then started singing it too! (I know all the words to it also now haha! Love the fact there is no gender stereotyping either! I gentle parent so thats a huge hit.[sic]" wrote one user.

"Love this ad and its lack of gender stereotyping. Well done, Smyths," said another.

Similarly, people on Twitter are also loving the ad.


As Bustle reported, the way that the advert doesn’t make a huge deal that they’re subverting gender norms is why it works so well. It’s amazing to see something like this normalized in a way that’s not sensationalist. And that’s what any kid, boy or girl, dressing up as a princess is: normal.

We totally love this commercial and hopefully we’ll see more of this sort of thing on our screens soon.