There was a funeral “party” for the Tower of Terror — and the pics are breaking our Disney-loving hearts

As you probably already know, Disneyland’s iconic thrill ride Tower of Terror closed forever earlier this week, to soon be replaced by a new attraction themed to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

You almost definitely also know that fans have been in mourning since news of this change was announced last summer; news that was met with outrage and online petitions. But unless you live close to Disneyland’s home in Anaheim, California, you probably didn’t know that several lucky, Disney-loving guests were able to attend a freaking gala — called the “13th Hour Party” — to say goodbye to the ride that captivated (and terrified) so many Disneyland guests for more than a decade.

According to Los Angeles Times, guests at the final event were treated to “a red carpet, mock paparazzi, desserts, mixed drinks and the opportunity to purchase a $37 paperweight in the form of an enlarged hotel key.”

So of course, said fans showed up in style … to pose with a Tower step and repeat.

Seriously, they looked AMAZING.

Disney fans are THE BEST at cosplay.

These bellhop-themed looks are breaking our hearts. Can this ride come back already?!

There were old Hollywood-themed singers called the Silverlake Sisters present to provide some thematic entertainment for partygoers.

And guests were able to feel like stars thanks to the red carpet … and old-timey paparazzi, of course.

There was dancing … so, so much dancing.

And delicious, Disney-themed desserts.

Some celebrity guests attended, dressed in their bellhop finest.

And the keys available for purchase are the perfect collector’s item.

Goodbye, Tower of Terror.

Thank you for all the screams.

Of course, the Times also reports that guests at the party expressed dissatisfaction and bewilderment at the park’s — a park which is literally an ode to California — decision to scrap one of its few ties to Hollywood’s Golden Age and replace it with a new Marvel property. While Guardians is awesome, Tower of Terror has long been a favorite attraction for fans worldwide since it first opened at Walt Disney World in Florida in 1994, and it undoubtedly fits the park’s old-backlot feel more than the Guardians ride, which has been described as a “warehouse, fortress power plant,” will when it finally opens.

And if it ain’t broke, why fix it?

“It’s rare that they get rid of a ride that already is great,” partygoer Timothy Dowling said. “It had a great theme and great atmosphere. I think this was why it had a cult around it. And you saw this at the goodbye party with so many people dressing up like they were in a Hollywood of the past. The hotel represented a bygone era of Hollywood. Like Main Street U.S.A., it takes us back to a time that we weren’t part of and lets us live in it for a few minutes.”

Unfortunately, much like Old Hollywood itself, the Tower of Terror — the Disneyland version, anyway — is now a relic of the past. You’ve got a lot to live up to, Chris Pratt.