Tower of Terror is now closed forever at Disneyland, and people have a lot of feelings about it

Yesterday, Disneyland lost an icon: Tower of Terror closed, forever, at California Adventure.

This should come as a surprise to no one, because we’ve known about this for quite a few months. At Comic-Con this past year, it was announced that bellhops are out, Star-Lord is in, and the thrill ride will undergo a complete Guardians of the Galaxy makeover. While the up and down mechanics of the ride will stay exactly the same, the theming around the ride will change. No more Twilight Zone. Way more Rocket Raccoon.

It’s always sad when a classic Disney attraction closes down, and it’s especially sad to see Tower of Terror go. While it wasn’t an original attraction in the park (it opened in 2004), it had been there for 10+ years, beckoning guests to ~drop~ in for a visit. You’ll still be able to ride the attraction at other Disney Parks around the world, but in the southern California area, not so much.

Many took one last trip to the theme park on its final day of operations to pay their respect. You know, as you do when a Disney ride closes down FOREVER.


So many guests actually headed out to ride the ride, the wait time for it quickly rose upwards of three hours. That’s a long wait for a quick trip up and down.

Even the line to get a Tower of Terror pressed penny was long. A pressed. penny.

Tower of Terror is gone, but never forgotten. It’s spirit will live on in Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout (probably) and we look forward to checking out with Disney has in store for us next!

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