“Touch Disease” is a thing and it’s ruining all sorts of iPhones and iPads

If you’re having issues with your iPhone or iPad touch screen not working, you’re not alone.

There’s a glitch that has now been identified as “Touch Disease” that is frustrating Apple users everywhere.


“Touch Disease,” as it was labeled by the tech blog iFixit, is defect present on all iPhone 6 and 6 Plus gadgets. It creates an unresponsive screen and basically renders your phone completely unable to do any tasks.

One of the major signs that your frozen phone is affected with “Touch Disease” is a gray bar on the top of your screen.

Macworldpoints out that this bug unfortunately can’t be fixed at the Genius Bar or simply replacing the screen. Even more worrisome is the fact that experts can’t seem to pinpoint what exactly causes the issue, which the issue seems to come up from just regular use of the phone. So there could be a lot more users who experience this major issue in the near future.

 Macworld did say that you may be able to fix the glitch using a third-party, but just be aware that your Apple warranty will no longer be valid if you do so.


For now, if your device is affected by this so-not-cool issue (and you’ve tried turning it off, a hard reset, and everything you can possibly think of to fix it), Apple is offering a solution. If you mail in your glitchy phone, they’ll send you a new phone.

Hopefully the new iPhone won’t have such a serious issues whenever it *finally* gets here.

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