This giant rainbow cotton candy is half the size of a person’s body

When it comes to cotton candy, this Japanese candy store is changing the cotton candy game. Now, our obsession with cotton candy anything is just beginning to grow. From Zendaya’s hair in the Greatest Showman, to a spiked cotton candy treat, to this Saturday Night Live sketch where Mikey Day and Chris Pine have a cotton candy party, we’re obsessed with it all.

But that’s nothing compared to this cotton candy that is bigger than your head! That’s right, this fantastic candy store in Tokyo has made their rainbow treat so large, it’s about half the size of a person’s body. So where to begin eating? Well, you’ll have to just wait and see when you get one yourself.

Can you eat all that cotton candy?

Totti Candy Factory in Tokyo is not even just about the cotton candy itself. It is definitely about the whole experience.

From watching it get made to enjoying the treat, everything about the experience seems so much fun.

You’ll have to travel to the Harajuku neighborhood in Tokyo to get it. So get your plane tickets ready, because honestly, this is a treat you don’t want to miss.

Not only does this lovely store have rainbow cotton candy, but they also have cake pops and candy galore.

And really, they didn’t need anything more to make us excited. After all, who doesn’t love a good, head-and-torso-sized swirl of cotton candy?

So if you’re feeling up for a pretty sweet vacation, get those plane tickets ready and start planning your trip to Totti Candy Factory. Who wouldn’t love it there?