We totally covet Céline Dion’s NYC summer outfits

Need some summer style inspiration that’s both punchy and totally covetable? None other than the venerable Céline Dion is here for you, offering up the best looks of the summer and probably for a long time.

Dion first caught my eye when she stepped out wearing a Titanic sweatshirt, which is just so hilariously and wonderfully on-point that I had to keep watching what she was wearing. Under the guiding eye of new stylist Law Roach (what a name), Dion has been a whirlwind of color and glitter — summer diva renaissance style done right.

I mean, just look at the woman. Here she is, performing on the Today show in a silver sequin casual suit:


Take a look at this gorgeous summer “floral”:


I mean, is she a citrus-y mod vision or what?


Dion’s slate of public appearances is due to the fact that she’s got a new album coming out soon (Encore un soir, dropping August 26), but it’s easy to see all of this as a kind of rebirth for the Canadian singer, whose husband and brother both passed away just last year. For Dion, these outfits aren’t necessarily just style statements (though they certainly are) — they are can’t-be-missed signs of change and rebirth. She’s living her life to its most colorful and fullest, and we are here for her.