This is what Tory Burch wants female business owners to know, and we love it so much

Running your own business can pose a number of stressful challenges, but it’s important to remember that nothing good ever comes easy. There’s also a lot of help out there!

Motto told us that Tory Burch has advice for female business owners, and whether you’re running a small business or building a YouTube brand, this is great stuff to know.

Burch is an award-winning fashion designer, philanthropist and CEO of Tory Burch, so she has decades of experience. When it comes to sharing her wisdom, Burch emphasizes five key points (that are simpler than you might anticipate) for business women to keep in mind.

The first is: “Believe in yourself.”

Burch received mixed advice when she was starting out, but her parents told her to “think of negativity as noise” (which is clearly genius). She stresses that the most important thing is to “believe passionately in your ideas” and “let the work speak for itself.”

Next is: “Buckle up and know it’s going to be a tremendous amount of work.”

She stresses that, “… in order to build a great business, you have to put in the time and energy and be extremely tenacious.”  Burch also reminds us that there’s “no short cut to success” and setting goals is a great way to plan for results.

Then comes “Be open to new ideas.”

She underlines how crucial it is to be “intellectually curious” and “always learning” from other businesses.

Along with that, “Seek out new opportunities.”

This is a good one, because sometimes we can fall into a rut and continue doing the same things. Burch challenges women to “look for programs and resources geared specifically to women small-business owners.” There are tons of training programs out there, you just have to find them! Burch actually runs a Fellows Program herself to give “new female-run businesses a head start.”

And finally, “Think bigger.”

While Burch admits that thinking “big picture” can be daunting, she realized that stepping out of her comfort zone was an important factor in her early success.

And there you have it. GO FORTH AND CONQUER!