The next music innovation — tortilla records

If you haven’t had a piping hot tortilla right off of the griddle, or wrapped securely around the carne and toppings/stuffing of your choice, you’re missing out. But, who knew that one of our favorite food stuffs could have, shall we say, a more unconventional use? Namely, as a medium for music. That’s right: We’ve entered the age of tortilla records.

The initial idea behind a tortilla record came from this video, which went viral because of its ingenuity and hilarity. (And also kicked off a chorus of “Why didn’t I think of that?”) But what started as a joke has actually become a real thing, thanks to one particularly nifty YouTube user.

Rapture Records, who appears to be a vinyl connoisseur, laser etched tortillas to play a selection of short but recognizable songs like the Macarena and, fittingly, the Mexican Hat Dance. Then, out of either the goodness of their heart or in an attempt to kick off the tortilla record revolution, they uploaded all of the instructions for making your very own edible record.

Our favorite tidbit from the instructions: “In a way, it mocks the emerging trend and resurgence of vinyl and Record Store Day’s tendency to release limited-run, colored records which are often resold for a much higher price by scalpers.” But while the tortilla records serve as a commentary on modern vinyl culture, they’re also just pretty darn cool.

Listen to the all of RR’s tortilla records here, or check it out below. We’re now non-stop brainstorming different food record ideas: Pizza? Pita? Crêpes? Get on it, Internet.

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