In case you’re wondering, yes, Tormund has given Jon Snow sex advice

There isn’t much time to bro-out on Game of Thrones, since the characters are often just trying to survive. But one character always seems to find time to make a joke — that character being Tormund.

And Tormund also had time to give Jon Snow a little *sexy* advice when he needed it.

As the world of Game of Thrones gets smaller and smaller, many of the characters are teaming up with previous enemies. For instance, an unlikely band of men headed beyond the wall in the most recent episode, with the common goal of retrieving a Wight.

Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Tormund (Kristofer Hivju) were part of that ragtag crew. But to be fair, they’ve been buds for a fat minute now (despite their differences in previous seasons) — and buds share things with one another.

When asked about the changing relationship between the characters, Hivju told HBO’s Making Game of Thrones that Tormund’s investment in Jon and Ygritte’s relationship is the reason why the two have bonded:

"I think Tormund has always liked Jon. And he saw Jon and Ygritte starting to get along, and Tormund loves stuff like that. He has given Jon Snow great sex advice, and it was the soap opera of Tormund’s reality to watch them come together."


It’s pretty awesome that Tormund ships Game of Thrones characters as much as we do!

Currently, it looks like Dany and Jon are developing feelings for each other. Maybe Tormund will have some more relationship advice for Jon in the future. After all, he knows a thing or two about feelings, because he’s crushing on Brienne real hard.

We’ll just have to see who ends up together by the end of the next (and final!) season.

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