Tori Spelling had a mini-90210 reunion, and we think it’s so fun

Who doesn’t love a good reunion? Tori Spelling, who recently announced she was pregnant with child #5, recently met up with the one and only Ian Ziering the other day. The two were both at Comic Con in Dallas, Texas, and decided to hang out for a fan video. Of course, they managed to put some of their conversation on Instagram. We guess it’s true — Comic Con really helps brings people together.

For those of you not born in the late ’70s or early to mid ’80s, Spelling and Ziering starred together on the one and only Beverly Hills 90210 — and, you could say that the show brought both of them into the public eye.

Based on their back and forth, it’s obvious that these two were very close. Everything seems so natural.

(Tori’s right, Ian — you are looking great in those glasses.) The two reveal that they had dinner last night, and discussed thumbs. Why not, right?

Ziering also posted the media to his account, with a pretty sweet, congratulatory caption.

"Love you @torispelling It’s so great spending time with you," he wrote. "You’re so pretty pregnant! #DonnaMartinProcreates #90210 #beverlyhills90210 #donnamartin #stevesanders."

While Ian Ziering has been keeping busy with the Sharknado franchise (do you know they’re up to #4 with those films?) Spelling has managed to stay relevant in the news based on her somewhat public life. She also keeps busy with voice-over work — just recently, she provided the voice of April in Izzie’s Way Home. 

Now that we’ve seen what it’s like having Ian Ziering and Tori Spelling in the same room, can we maybe have the whole cast meet up sometime soon?

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