Topshop’s holiday beauty collection may look chic and luxurious but it’s actually super affordable

All too often when we hear of a new collection that catches our eye it’s well out of our price range and we are forced to lust from afar. Luckily, that is not the case with Topshop’s holiday beauty collection. Somehow the collection straddles the line of luxury makeup and affordability in a way that brings us a generous heap of holiday hope.

The limited-edition holiday collection includes everything from dark winter lipsticks to shimmery highlighters to fulfilling your frosty cosmetic needs. We are so here for that!

Most importantly, we are celebrating the fact that Topshop’s chic makeup options won’t take a toll on our wallets.

Let’s have a peek at some of the gorgeous options, shall we?

Limited Edition Highlighter in Stardust from Topshop, $16.


Shine bright like a diamond.

Limited Edition Mascara and Kohl Kit from Topshop, $20.


Make your eyes as dark as your soul.

Limited Edition Mini Bullet Lipstick in Pash from Topshop, $10.


For when you wanna look good at your family dinner.

Limited Edition Mini Bullet Lipstick in Fling from Topshop, $10.


The ideal lip color for running into an old fling.

Limited Edition Mini Lip Bullet in Covert from Topshop, $10.


Subtle and sultry for your holiday movie dates.

Limited Edition Smoky Eye Kit from Topshop, $34.


Now you can make your eye smokier than a summer campfire.

Be sure to check out the full Topshop holiday collection on their website for more affordable goodies.

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