How To Gussy Up Your Top-Knot With $10 Earrings

The time has finally come to pack up our hats and scarves and throw our hair into a loose, mile-high bun. It’s top-knot season, which means it’s also time to accessorize accordingly. If you’re going to wear your hair in a high and mightily messy, you need to look like it’s not an accident. Enter earrings — the finishing touch that pulls together a pile of hair, and finally gets a chance to shine. Here are a few of my favorite face-framing earrings (all under $10!) to wear with every kind of top-knot.

Backcomb that pony and anchor her down, that’s the scoop with this fun bun.
Geometric shapes and patterns add angels to an otherwise round shape.


Delaunay Drop Earrings, $3.99; Bold Cutout Drop Earrings, $4.80; Gray Striped Clay Earrings, $10

Smooth down flyaways and stick with a simple twist for this knot!
An intricate patterned earring can fancy things up without looking costume-y.


Victoria Townsend Sterling Silver Earrings (perfect combo for weddings!), $5.99; Bronzino Clip-On Earrings, $9.99;
Itsy Bitsy Sterling Silver Love Knot Stud Earrings, $7

Effortlessness is key when wearing a messy bun;
go small detailed or lacy to mimic the loops and wisps of the bun itself.


Retro Crescent Drop Earrings, $3.80; Sterling Silver Anchor Stud Earrings, $7; Mismatched Mother Nature Studs, $2.80

There’s no such thing as a too-sloppy braid bun, pin to shape and then– HANDS OFF!
Statement pieces with pops of color will be your best friends with this top-knot.


LC Lauren Conrad Flower Button Stud Earrings, $9.80; Navassa Jewel Studs, $5.99;
ROMWE Diamante Drop Shaped Earrings, $9.99

Everyone has a bun that she could twist up with her eyes closed in under 5 seconds flat.
Make it your own and go with a personal style. This one’s all you!


anything at The Hosford Housewife Etsy shop, where adorably vintage inspired fabric button earrings span from $4-$8;
or the most signature earring of all: a classic monogram for $6.99

So there we have it. Comment below with your favorite top knot pairings and warm-weather jewelry ideas. Till then, happy knotting!

all jewelry images from Macy’s, Kohl’s, primadonna, Forever 21, Etsy, ROMWE. Buns found on Pinterest.