Shop these Topanga Lawrence-approved school essentials and pretend you’re returning to John Adams High

In the ultimate ‘90s gospel-slash-TV series “Boy Meets World,” we’re first introduced to the beautifully unusual Topanga Lawrence in the episode “Cory’s Alternative Friends.” It’s safe to assume we collectively fell in love with Topanga seconds into her performance art in Cory Matthews’ suburban-home kitchen — smearing red lipstick on her face as her future husband recited a cosmic poem about doughnuts in the sky.

Topanga embodied everything we wanted (and still want) to be: unapologetically unique in her own right, sharply astute to feminist issues like beauty standards and gender norms, and — in her high school days — pretty damn stylish in all her ‘90s glory.

She was the ultimate boho queen.


Denim and florals? A timeless lewk.


Below, shop these Topanga Lawrence-approved school essentials and pretend you’re returning to John Adams High.

These earth earrings for the environmentally-conscious flower child to wear to Mr. Feeny’s class:


Buy here, $9.89.

This notebook that perfectly encapsulates your persona as you work toward your 699 straight-As:


Buy here, $9.95.

This staple denim jacket that kind of looks like Cory Matthews’ denim jacket:


Buy here, $35.

This Bésame red lip color to use for poetry-driven, interpretive dance purposes:


Buy here, $22.

This introductory book on meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh that’s peak Season 1 Topanga:


To be leisurely read before Mr. Turner’s English class.

Buy here, $8.92.

This cruelty-free texturizing spray for between-class touch-ups because hello, bye-bye, your hair won’t maintain itself:


Buy here, $22.


This French fries pencil pouch that will remind you to meet up with Angela at Chubbies later:


Buy here, $18.85.

This Neptune galaxy water bottle, which will make you wonder what ever happened to Nebula Stop-the-War Lawrence:


Buy here, $35.

Jedediah and Rhiannon would so approve of these finds.