Boy Meets World was a staple of my childhood. It taught me to tell people that “I don’t sweat, I glisten” during gym class. It’s where I first learned to let my freak flag fly because, “When people laugh at you, they’re depleting their own karmic reservoir.” And who, specifically, taught me those things? Topanga Lawrence. Girl had it going on (until she got kind of psycho in the college years, but that’s basically where high school-based sitcoms go to die anyways). Topanga pulled off Earth Mother way before Nicole Richie detached her neon hair extensions and she wasn’t the typical, boy-crazy teen that already existed in abundance. She made Corey work for it (after she figured out that their “energies converge,” making him “vibrationally acceptable”) and it totally paid off.

Which is why I was supes excited to discover that Topanga Lawrence Matthews (aka: Danielle Fishel) is now giving dating advice online. Nevermind the fact that Lance Bass was one of her first long-term relationships (Be real: He was totes hot before he came out and he’s totes hot today) — Danielle’s engaged now, “which basically means I’m a pro,” she jokes.

So her show is pretty much the best. She’s animated, she’s snarky and she still looks JUST LIKE TOPANGA! But prettier. And here’s a fun fact: When she was a senior in high school, she asked her boyfriend at the time (Lance Bass) to prom!

Bottom line: If I had gotten a Johnny Depp-like TOPANGA FOREVER tattoo back when Boy Meets World was on the air, I for SURE wouldn’t regret it today.

Featured image courtesy of YouTube