Top 10 last-minute Hanukkah recipes that give a fun twist on traditional meals

If you’re stuck in a rut for what to make this holiday season we’ve got you covered with the Top 10 last minute Hanukkah recipes, according to Pinterest!

In the side words of Beyonce “Partner, let me upgrade ya”! This jam doughnut pull apart challah is an update on a Hanukkah classic. The cinnamon sugar will make the outside super flaky and if you want to substitute store brought strawberry jam try this three ingredient jam recipe.

Although Rugelach can be eaten any time of the year, there is something about the Jewish pastry that is extra special during the Hanukkah season. This honey nut version is buttery and has the perfect cream cheese consistency. If you’re not a honey nut fan there are also Baklava, Cranberry Orange Pecan and Chocolate Chip Cookie variations.

Hanukkah gelt is Hebrew and it literally means “Hanukkah money”! On the festival of Hanukkah Jewish children are given money as well as chocolate coins so this cake recipe will be an ode to your childhood. This vegetarian version features dairy free whipped cream so whether someone in your family is a vegetarian or you’re looking for a healthier option this one is for you! Don’t be afraid to indulge a little, but also make sure to pace yourself on the sweets.

A sufganiyah is a round jelly doughnut that is eaten in Israel and around the world on the Jewish festival of Hanukkah. So although latkes are commonly associated with the Jewish holiday, these jelly doughnuts are most commonly consumed in Israel. So this S’mores Sufganiyah is a fun twist on an Israeli favorite! Most marshmallows are not kosher but, the recipe calls for marshmallow fluff, which has always been kosher. So if you can’t find kosher marshmallows shoot for fluff instead!

Who said S’mores have to just be made from graham crackers! This Matzo S’mores recipe is a great idea to give the children something to do during the festivities and it’s also a great nod to your childhood. Just don’t forget to look and see if the marshmallows are kosher!

Of course we were not going to forget latkes. In fact we have three different types of latkes for your celebration. Although you may already have a recipe to make the perfect latkes, sometimes they don’t come out just how your Grandmother made them. But with this recipe you will come out with a latke that is perfectly crispy on the outside, and fluffy on the inside. Do we have to remind you to not forget the applesauce? We think not!

When you were younger latkes were made by your grandmother with love and care by frying up grated potatoes with onion, egg, salt and pepper. But it’s time to surprise the family with this new recipe. With sweet potatoes being all the rage we had to add in a sweet potato latke recipe. Just don’t forget to cook up a separate batch of traditional latkes to not ruin the nostalgia.

Why make an apple pie and latkes when you can combine the two to make Apple Pie latkes! This recipe is the perfect combination of two holiday comfort foods. It’s filled with lots of cinnamon, vanilla bean, and the perfect amount of apples. In the wise words of DJ Khaled everyone at the table will be yelling #AnotherOne!

Why hog all of the cooking when you can get the kids involved! Wasn’t your favorite memories cooking in the kitchen with your family? Well these DIY marshmallow dreidals are sure to be a hit this holiday season. Covered in sprinkles and topped with a Hershey Kiss, you can thank us later when you’re the coolest adult this holiday season!

Last but not least we have deep fried cookie dough! Families love to cook traditional Hanukkah treats like latkes and doughuts because they are cooked in oil. The oil reminds them of the holiday and the miracle of oil that burned for eight days when the Maccabees rededicated the holy temple in Jerusalem after the Jewish victory over the Syrian-Greeks. So these deep fried cookie dough balls are perfect for any Hanukkah celebration. Drizzled in bourbon cream sauce and sprinkled with powder sugar, these dough balls will be a hit.

We hope that these recipes will help you pull off the best Hanukkah celebration this season.

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