The Top Pet Names of 2022, According to New Data

Designer bags and popular TV shows are among what's inspiring the monikers for your fur babies.

Move over Bailey and Charlie — Bottega and Burberry are the new top dogs in town. If you’re still naming your pups those same old tired names, you’re barking up the wrong tree, says a new study from Rover. 

The pet care services company recently released its 10th annual Top Pet Names report, which breaks down the most influential trends of 2022. One of the biggest trends? Naming your furry friend after your other favorite accessory — your designer purse.

Bottega (185%) topped the list of luxury designer-inspired pet names, while Burberry (135%) and Hermes (24%) took the second and third spots. Comparatively, Gucci (-5%), Balenciaga (-15%) and Gabbana (-19%) are all trending down this year.

It’s no secret that the names we choose for our pets have special meaning, so we want to choose wisely. Designer brands have been consistently trending —and with their sky high price tags, these are items we covet — so it makes sense we’d want to name our most-prized pet after them.

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Other name trends the site discovered for 2022? Characters from popular TV shows, like Euphoria. Rover user Annie from Calif. says she named her sidekick “Fezco” after one of the show’s main characters. “Fezco is an intense character who most people don’t want to mess with, and he gets a really bad rap. But he’s actually a really sweet guy with a massive heart, and only those closest to him know this,” she shares, on the site. Fez (up 63%), Rue (up 35%), and Faye (up 24%) follow suit, respectively. 

Top Gun: Maverick, Encanto, The Mandalorian, Stranger Things, Yellowstone, House of the Dragon, and Killing Eve, also provided inspo in your name searches.

The site says there are still some people opting for more traditional names, such as Max, and Luna, the latter of which has had a steady climb over the past few years. It also breaks the name choices down by state, and by breed. For example, you’re naming your labs Cato, and your pit bulls Gordon.

Celebrity names are also popular choices, and 2022 put Keanu Reeves, Stanley Tucci, Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock, and Steve Buscemi on the map. ‘90s retro fashion was also in this year, and so were dog names inspired by stars of that decade. Doggies named Julia Roberts (135%), Robin Williams (85%), Samuel L. Greyhound (85%), and Brad Pitt (51%) are on the rise.

Finally, everyone’s favorite royal family is also providing name inspiration, with Prince Harry’s wife Meghan trending up 51%, and specifically, Meghan Barkle. Other popular choices include Lilibet (282%), William (24%), Lili (24%), Elizabeth (35%), Jubilee (7%), Diana (6%) and Archie (2%).

Musician-themed dog names have always been a popular choice, and 2022 is no exception. With millennial artists having their fair share of the spotlight, these celebrity pup names are popping up. Bieber is trending up 185%, while Spears is up 135%, and Jlo is up 118%.  Doja Cat (up 85%), Jimin (up 35%), and Styles (up 25%) were trending as well, says the site, with honorable mentions Dolly Barkin and Mr. Worldwide also catching our attention.

While she’s known to be more of a cat-person, with a new album out, Taylor Swift is trending up 10%, says Rover, and they expect this to increase even more as time goes on. 

Who’s on the outs this year? Well, for starters, the names Olivia (presumably Wilde) and Harry Styles, are apparently as donezo as their relationship. Royals Louis, Harry, Kate, Windsor are all trending down. And despite dropping a new album this year, Beyonce was more popular last year. 

If you’re thinking about adding a furry family member this holiday season, but are having a hard time deciding on a name, Rover has a “pet name generator” on its website which helps you narrow it down. Whatever you choose, we’re sure your pup will love it, because they love you unconditionally!

Jené Luciani Sena
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