The top memes of 2015 will make you laugh all over again

Memes, you had one helluva year.

Google recently released the most searched memes of 2015. The results are sometimes surprising, always the silliest. We’re over here cracking up over ridiculousness we haven’t giggled about since March.

As Time points out, none of these terms actually originated in 2015, this was just the year internet gems like Rickrolling and O Rly, but rather this was the year these memes really convinced us that we were never going to give them up (Rickrolling joke, natch.)

1.) Pepe the Frog

My brother and husband have been obsessed with Pepe the Frog for years, and apparently 2015 was the moment the rest of the internet caught up. Originally from the comics “Boys Club” by Matt Furie, Pepe’s expressions are used as reaction faces all over the internet, including “Smug Frog,” “Well Meme’d,” and the gross/hilarious/amazing “Feels Good Man.”

2.) Rickrolling

I wonder if a fortune teller ever called Rick Astley into her spangly tent and told him that some day he would be a meme and that also the internet was going to be a whole thing, I hope this is a thing that happened IRL and isn’t just something I’m using my overactive imagination to make up.

In any case, Rick Astley DID become a meme, or rather, his video “Never Gonna Give You Up” became the engine of the internet prank “Rickrolling” in which one provides a seemingly relevant hyperlink but it just takes the clicker to Rick’s famous vid.

3.)  Who knows  It’s just this, you guys ¯_(ツ)_/¯, it’s just this, in 11 quick keystrokes you create a smile and a shrug that communicates that you are nowhere near solving the grand mysteries of life, but you’re glad to be along for the ride.

4.) Florida Man

Florida Man is a meme that first strode out onto the internet stage in 2013. Basically you link to a headline about strange and unusual things happening in Florida, and bonus points if the news headline follows the format “Florida man does (insert something completely bewildering here)”

5.) The O Rly Owl

A meme following the golden meme rules: silliest picture with silliest superimposed text that is applicable in all silly internet situations. Basically if someone says something that is pure madness, you bust out the O Rly Owl

6.)Rick Astley

“Is this the exact same thing as the other Rick Astley thing?” you ask.

Yes, yes it is, he takes up two slots on the top 10, all hail Rick, Human King of the Meme (Pepe is obviously the Animal/Real King).


John Jafari is a dude who’s famous for reviewing video games on YouTube. He is a very expressive gentleman who has spawned many a meme, like “Actual Noise It Made” and “Ech”:

8.)Ceiling cat

This cat lives in the ceiling and he sees EVERYTHING from his weird square stalker hole:


Bread is funny now, I guess? Whatever, that’s what the kids are saying, don’t shoot the messenger.

10.) Nothing much

You just put “Nothing much” in white block letters on top of an image, boom, you got yourself a top ten meme!

(Images via Twitter, YouTube, Meme Generator)