These are the 10 most right-swiped male names on Tinder – did you swipe on ’em?

Admit it — as women, we’re suuuuper curious about what goes on in the male side of Tinder. But now we have a little insight into how that ~mystery land~ works. Tinder has revealed the most right swiped names of 2016, and broken the list down into male and female name list, so now we know which of our guy friends are sincere when they say it’s so much harder for men to get a match, and which are definitely swimming in matches, and just complaining. (Okay, fine, so it’s not a science — but, like, we have the wage gap to worry about. Chill about your Tinder dates, brah.)

Also, yo, enter this data into your calculations: maybe swiping right on somebody with a name that isn’t on this list is a great idea, because you have better chances. May the odds be ever in your favor, and BEHOLD — the most popular men’s names on Twitter.

  1. Lucas
  2. Ryan
  3. Matthew
  4. Nick
  5. Josh
  6. Brandon
  7. Justin
  8. Ben
  9. Adam
  10. Andrew

As avid Bachelor fans, we totally see why you’d want to right swipe a Luke. Swoon city. If you’re curious to see what’s happening on the flip side — what the most right swiped women’s names of 2016 are — click here. (Yeah, we know you’re just going to find your name. We feel you.)