Everything we know about the ‘Top Gun’ sequel—we repeat, the ‘Top Gun’ sequel!

Do you have the NEED? The NEED for more Top Gun? So sorry if that joke has been made a million times before, but this time its got backing. There’s a Top Gun sequel in the works, almost 30 years after Tom Cruise’s Maverick first took to the sky and looked super fly in some aviator sunglasses.

According to Collider, Skydance Productions CEO David Ellison mentioned the idea of a Top Gun sequel while at a press event for another Skydance film, Terminator Genisys. The idea of a Top Gun 2 has been floating around for a while, but never truly confirmed, nor did it have anyone really working on it. Well now, according to Ellison, it’s got a writer, Justin Marks, who wrote Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li. What’s most important is that Marks has a  “phenomenal take to really update that world for what fighter pilots in the Navy has turned into today.”

The OG Top Gun revolved around hot-shot fighter pilot, Cruise’s Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, and his best friend for life, Anthony Edwards’ Nick “Goose” Bradshaw (GOOOOOOOSE) as they begin training at the Navy’s fighter pilot school. There was also Val Kilmer‘s bad boy, Tom “Iceman” Kazansky, and flying instructor Charlotte “Charlie” Blackwood, played by Kelly McGillis. Clearly, everyone had some sort of cool nickname, so that most definitely needs to transfer over to this new installment.

But seeing as how the world has changed over the last 30 years, Top Gun‘s got to make the leap to the future, too. Per Ellison, Top Gun 2 will focus around “drone technology,” and “the end of an era of dogfighting and fighter pilots and what that culture is today.”

Ellison further explained that, “There is an amazing role for Maverick in the movie, and there is no Top Gun without Maverick, and it is going to be Maverick playing Maverick,” which sort of translates to: Cruise is going to be back. He’s got to be back. He IS Maverick.

However, other things that need to be ironed out, too. Will Meg Ryan be reprising her role as Goose’s wife, Carol? (Even without, sob, Goose?) Can we expect more beach volleyball in the movie? And another updated version of “Take My Breath Away?” Aviator sunglasses are already a huge thing, but can this movie singlehandedly make one-piece fighter pilot jumpsuits a mega-trend? We vote yes.

While there’s no finished script, and no director, and Cruise has not confirmed his return to the film—oh, and there’s no shooting date or release date—we do know that when Top Gun 2 comes out, it’ll screen in both IMAX and 3D. Goose would approve.

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