Tom Cruise just posted the first picture from the Top Gun sequel, and we have the need for more of this

In today’s We Can’t Believe This Is Really Happening news, Tom Cruise just posted the first look at the upcoming Top Gun sequel, Maverick. This only means that the film is undeniably, irrevocably, 100% taking flight, and we couldn’t be more excited.

The sequel to the 1986 classic has been in the works for quite some time now. In fact, the development stage went on for so long that we didn’t think we’d live to see Lt. Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell back in the cockpit. Tom Cruise started teasing Top Gun 2 back in 2012, and since then, a slew of screenwriters and directors attached to the film has come and gone. Now, more than three decades since the release of its forerunner, Maverick has kicked off production, and we now have solid proof that it’s landing on the silver screen very soon.

On Instagram, the 55-year-old actor shared the first ever teaser for Top Gun: Maverick. The iconic line “feel the need” is emblazoned across the image, accompanied by the caption “#Day1.” It features Cruise clutching his Maverick helmet while standing on a tarmac in front of a jet. And excuse us for the pun, but we’re feeling the need…the need to see this movie ASAP.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the sequel will be set in present day. It will revolve around Maverick and his fellow pilots as they struggle to work with drone technology and having to deal with the fact that their old style of flying will no longer be in practice soon.

In a previous interview with Access Hollywood, Cruise dished that the sequel will have the same tone as the original.

"We’re gonna have the same tone that we had with the first one. Stylistically it’s gonna be the same. We’re gonna have the same score from Harold Faltermeyer," Cruse explained. "Aviators are back. The need for speed, we’re gonna have big machines. It’s gonna be a competition film like the first one, and it’s gonna be in the same vein, the same tone as the first one but a progression for Maverick."

Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski signed on to direct the film. No other casting has been announced yet, but we’re hoping that Kelly McGillis, Val Kilmer, Tom Skerritt, and Meg Ryan make a comeback to complete the OG team.

Maverick lands in theaters on July 12, 2019.

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