9 TV Characters I’d Totally Be Besties With in High School

Am I the only one who watches TV shows and thinks, I really wish I were high school besties with that character? My high school experience was good overall and I made some awesome friends, but adding any one of these characters would have made it even better.

1. Hanna Marin – Pretty Little Liars

As much as I adore Spencer (she’s sassy and smart and my favorite PLL), I’m going to have to go with Hanna. You don’t know how much I enjoy having a friend who throws stupid comments into everyday convo. It’s always fun to have someone like Hanna in your life. She would make everyday more entertaining. My fave lines include: “This is all about the ‘A’-ness of things.” and “Even the doorknob smells like her!”

Besides the great one-liners, Hanna’s just an all around good friend. I remember when she found out Emily was gay and told her, “You were Emily dating Ben and now you’re Emily dating Maya. We love Emily. No one cares who you’re with.” Supportive, awesome, AND funny. What more do you need?

2. Seth Cohen – The OC

Seth listens to the same type of music as me, so he’d be added to my concert-going, mix-tape-loving buddies. He’d definitely want to see all the up-and-coming indie bands. His sarcasm would compliment mine. I’d probably fall for him at least once, but then we’d decide it’s better to be friends.

He’d take me for rides on the Summer Breeze and let me read all his comics before he showed anyone else. We’d eat burritos/bagels and play video games. I’d help him when he’s going through some things and moves to Portland. Basically, I’d be his Anna when Anna moves away. Probably not as cool as Anna, but still just as chill.

3. Allison Argent – Teen Wolf

Her family may be a little intense, being like, wolf hunters and all, but she’s so awesome. She’s like the Katniss of high school TV characters with her sick bow and arrow skills. I bet if we were besties, she’d totally teach me how to practice archery like a boss.

Allison’s a protector. She changed the family code to “Nous protégeons ceux qui ne peuvent pas se protéger eux-mêmes.” which translates to “We protect those who can not protect themselves.” You know she’d be there for you no matter what—even if the circumstances were super dangerous.

4. Nick Andopolis – Freaks and Geeks

I was going to go with Kim Kelly, but I’d probably be too scared of getting punched in the face. People like Nick always fascinate me. I just want to know all their thoughts on the world and how they feel about everything. Their stories are always interesting.

We’d hang out in his basement and just eat fruit roll-ups all the time. His dad didn’t support his drumming, but I definitely would. And there’s always a chance he’d write a song called “Lady S” about me. I mean, I do have a green army jacket, so that chance is pretty good.

5. Santana Lopez – Glee

Santana is a boss bitch. If you’re friends with her, she’d never let anyone mess with you, like when she stood up for Brittany when people were calling her stupid. I’d listen to her sing “Valerie” like, all the time. Her singing voice is just amazing. I’m sure Mike Chang and Britt would even be up for teaching me the swing dance moves to the song. Though, that might be difficult since I dance like Nick Miller. Even if she’s mean, I’d just know she’s going through some stuff. She always says what’s on her mind and tells it like it is—sometimes you just need a friend like that.

6. Rory Gilmore- Gilmore Girls

Rory would always be down for a coffee or diner date. She’d totally fit in with the group of friends I had in high school: the smart kids. We’d trade books and she would be the perfect study buddy. Keeping up with the Gilmore banter might be kind of hard, but I’d definitely be up for the challenge. You know they’d invite you over for a movie night and get every kind of junk food ever. Hanging with the Gilmore gals would always be a fun time and I’d probably learn a thing or two, in the process.

7. Amy Raudenfeld – Faking It

Falling in love with your best friend is tough, but it’s even harder if you don’t have another best friend to lean on. Amy is going through a really tough time in her life. She needs another bestie to talk about all the Karma drama with. I would be that person. We sort of have the same style and sarcastic personality, so we’d definitely hit it off. We’d share clothes, talk about pop culture and all our favorite TV shows. Oh, and she gives kick-ass wedding speeches from the heart, so that could come in handy one day.

8. Peyton Sawyer/Lucas Scott – One Tree Hill

This was a tough decision because basically every character on One Tree Hill would be a really great friend. I mean, Brooke even went back and saved Peyton from psycho Derek after their huge BFF fight. As much as I love Brooke, I chose Peyton and Lucas—in a dramatic tie!

Peyton, like Seth Cohen, is a huge music lover. Records galore, booking shows at TRIC, and producing a benefit CD. How cool would it be to help with that? We’d see indie bands live and discover new music together. I’d support her when she dates Pete from Fall Out Boy, but really, really support her when she starts dating Lucas.

Then you have Lucas, who is always there for all of his friends. He’d probably write some really sweet chapter about me in his book. I’d support his basketball and writing dreams and he’d tell me, “Your art matters. It’s what brought me here.” (But like in a friendly tone, not an “I want to date you” tone.)

Now it’s your turn: Are there any TV high schoolers that you wish you were besties with?

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