Top 10 Reasons I’m Excited For More Parenthood

Am I the only one that’s like super excited for Parenthood to come back?

I’ve talked about my love of Parenthood before, but the show has been saved for another season, which calls for more love! With a cast and storylines as amazing as they are, you all should be watching this show.  (p.s. how cute are Miles and Mae in the main photo? Adorable. And if you look closely, Miles is pointing to you and telling you to tune in.)

Parenthood is returning to our TVs on September 26th and after that short season we had last year, we get to look forward to a full 22-episode season! I’m extremely happy that I get to grab my box of tissues to watch more Braverman drama. Who knew I’d be so excited to cry?

Let’s get to this list!

1. More Ryber! Ryan and Amber that is. We get to see these two back together again. When we saw them last, they were window-shopping for rings. The new fall promo suggests some wedding planning. I can’t wait to see what happens with this extremely passionate duo.

2. Victor fully being a Braverman. Hopefully there will be no more calls to the cops or baseball bats being thrown through windows. I think the little guy is going to do just fine. Julia and Joel are awesome parents!

3. A new baby for Crosby and Jasmine! Since Jabbar was 5 when Crosby first met him, we haven’t actually had the chance to see Crosby raise a kid. It’s also pretty cool because Dax just became a dad in real life!

4. The Luncheonette. I’ve tweeted it before, but I still think Jack and Rachel Antonoff should record there. I mean they’re already friends with the Parenthood cast in real life, so what’s stopping them? I’d also love to see more of Amber playing her music. (I also just really want to work there.)

5. More Braverman dance parties. Duh. Do I need to say more here? Who doesn’t want to join in with some goofy dance moves?

6. Sarah Braverman having a bed. (I don’t know.) Lauren Graham tweeted about it and I’m pretty sure the writers gave her what she wanted! So no more worrying about Camille and Zeek popping in on her while she’s in bed with someone. Maybe she’ll be moving into Hank’s old place?

7. Kristina Braverman recovering from cancer. Monica Potter knocked it out of the park last season and I can’t wait to see more from her. I’m still shocked/upset that she wasn’t nominated for an Emmy for her performance. Seriously, I can’t even watch this scene without bawling. They say that this season will be focused on seizing the day.

8. Tyson Ritter, of The All-American Rejects, is going to be a guest star. I’m interested to see what his character will be up to. Recording at the Luncheonette? Getting in between a certain couple? We’ll see!

9. More life lessons taught by the Bravermans. I can’t get enough. When Zeek has a talk with Amber and says, “You do not have my permission to mess with my dreams. Are we clear?” Perfection. 

10. More sibling love. Amber helping Drew with kissing and girl problems. They’re so cute together. One of my favorite scenes from last season is the one below, where Crosby tells Julia that she’s a good mom. The delivery was amazing. Maybe this season we’ll see even little moments between the younger siblings. Maybe Jabbar helping out with the baby or Sydney and Victor getting along.

11. More crying. There are some shows that sometimes make me cry, but man, Parenthood just knows how to do it. Every. Single. Time. I just read this tweet by @JarettSays, “Jason Katims says he cries in the editing bay, the cast says they cry reading the scripts, we cry watching it. #CircleOfTears” So it’s not just us crying. It’ s everyone.

Okay, so it’s really my top 11 reasons. I had one more! I could probably list even more, but I’ll stop there. Parenthood returns Thursday September 26th on NBC at 10PM! Get your tissues ready and your heart ready for some Braverman love!

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