These new toothpaste tabs from Lush are going to make brushing your teeth kind of…fun

Brushing your teeth…obviously not the sexiest activity, right? But also totes necessary (you know, unless you want to wind up toothless, or worse — subjected to painful dental procedures). Therein lies the dilemma: Brushing your teeth is basically a chore on top of all the other mandatory activities that fill your day, but it’s not exactly something you can skip.

But what if we told you that Lush was changing the game so hard, it just might make scrubbing those pearly whites the best part of your regimen? The brand has just done the impossible: They’ve released products that can actually put some joy in the act of toothbrushing. This is the best news since we found out about their super fancy mouthwash tabs…

Here’s what you need to know: Lush’s new tooth offerings include Toothy Tabs, which sort of look like those old-school flavored vitamins that were all the rage (before gummy votes stepped in and stole the game).

These get crunched up between your front teeth before you get up in there with your toothbrush, at which point they foam up in your mouth to mimic the feel of boring regular toothpaste.


They are vegan, packed with essential oils and spices, and most importantly, leave your mouth feeling nice and clear (at least according to one tester. See below).

Then there are the Tooth Powders: These are exactly what they sound like (loose powders that can freshen up yo’ breath) and are also packed with essential oils.

You just dip your damp toothbrush into these and then get to work on your teeth.


Both products, which cost $9.95 to $10.95, come in some truly delish-sounding flavors (think lemon-and-strawberry-tinged “Toothfairy” and peppermint-y “Miles of Smiles”) and boast adorable packing. Early reviews are also really positive.

OMG there’s even a GOTH one.

We’re grinning hard over these. Are you?