This kid found out the tooth fairy wasn’t real by tricking his parents, and props, buddy

We all love the idea of magic, which is one of the reasons why believing in the tooth fairy is so much fun. Sure, we all eventually realize that a fairy doesn’t take our teeth in exchange for a buck or two. But usually, we figure it out when a parent slips, or another (loudmouth) elementary school classmate dispels the myth. But one savvy child took matters into his own hands to find the truth.

Nine-year-old Armaan Ahmad suspected the tooth fairy wasn’t the real deal, but he wanted to be sure. So when he recently lost a tooth, he didn’t do what most kids do (aka, shout it from the rooftops). Instead, he told no one. Yep, not even mom and dad. He waited three nights, and for three nights, no tooth fairy came. Finally, he told his parents…and the next morning, a dollar appeared.

Mystery: Solved. Well done, little guy!

Armaan’s dad, Fahd, who tweets under the name of Rogue Dad, MD, shared the story with his followers, and as expected, it blew up. People were crazy impressed with Armaan’s ingenuity (not to mention, his ability to keep a secret).

According to Fahd’s blog, he always believed the tooth fairy was a wonderful spirit. “I still consider her the most legitimate of mythical creatures. After all, we are giving her a part of our body in exchange for money,” he wrote. So, we’re guessing his son’s discovery was a bit devastating to him as well.

Hey — even though a bit of childhood magic might have disappeared, we get the feeling that Armaan is an incredibly bright kid who’s going places. And that’s pretty magical.

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