Too Faced’s new glitter eyeliner will take our holiday looks to the next level in 2018

With only a few short weeks remaining in 2016, it is easy for us to think that 2018 is “next year.” We can just skip 2017 all-together thank you very much! Especially when we’re getting new, innovative glitter eyeliner from Too Faced, 2018 can’t get here soon enough.

Too Faced’s new product is going to revolutionize the way we do our holiday looks and we are SO excited! I mean, this is the same company that launched chocolate-infused brow pencils! While there aren’t too many details out there about this liner just yet, we’re still jumping up and down with joy.

Jerrod Blandino, the Too Faced Co-Founder and genius behind the Sweet Peach collection, teased a few details about the brand’s upcoming item.

According to WWD, Blandino broke the news by saying:

He added,

PEEL OFF? Is he serious? We need this now! The biggest challenge of glitter makeup is the makeup removal. We have all been there — whether we’re scrubbing off sparkly shadow or removing shimmery nail polish — it’s always a serious commitment beauty wise.

We are already dreaming of effortlessly peeling away the glitter liner after a long night of selfies.

We love to sparkle, and Too Faced is helping us shine! *heart eyes*

The Sweet Peach collection is almost good enough to eat, so we trust Blandino when he says he’s cooking up something extra special for his makeup junkies!

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