We have a feeling the Too Faced and Kandee Johnson collab will give us a sweet tooth

We are LIVING for every little update and sneak peek that Jerrod Blandino deigns to give us about Too Faced’s collaboration with Kandee Johnson — were there ever two makeup mavens more perfectly suited for each other? Jerrod has finally revealed that in less than one week we will know what’s headed our way. We can’t wait for them to spill the deets!

Whatever it might be, we are pretty positive it’s going to be candy-related. We can’t think of a more crystal-clear and fated collaboration than this sweet-tooth inspired collection. We’ve got our fingers crossed that it involves some of that deliciously scented makeup that Too Faced is so fabulous at producing!

Could she be any cuter?

We’ve been speculating for months now as to what the collection could possibly contain. It would be pretty apt if it was a line of candy-colored and scented lipstick, don’t you think? We would be thrilled!

It looks like we’ll be able to get this line at Ulta, and hooray for that! We love anything that makes such fabulous makeup more accessible to the masses.

Kandee is famous for her ever-changing, confection-colored hair, but this is an especially radiant and vibrant pink that matches her lipstick almost perfectly. Could this be a clue? Surely this is going to be a VERY pinkified collection.

The good news, darlings, is that in a mere five days the answers will be here and we’ll know exactly what to start saving our pennies for. What are your theories? Whatever it is — we know we’ll love it!

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