Too Faced’s mysterious gold makeup product looks like a glitter-lover’s dream

There’s a glittery wind a-blowin’ from the direction of Jerrod Blandino’s Instagram, where he’s given us a sneak peek at some impending Too Faced glittering gold makeup that’s headed our way. There’s some molten makeup in the works, and we have so many questions as to what it could possibly be. This magma-like golden smoothie could end up being any number of makeup products, but we’re certain that whatever it is, it’s going to be absolutely stunning.

The latest photo that Jerrod has deigned to bless us with really gives no indication as to what it could possibly be, though we have a pretty strong inkling that some glittery liquid lipstick is headed our way.

Talk about a rich, luscious concoction!

Theories were flying around that it could be a lip topper or even a liquid eyeliner, but it has a much thicker and creamier consistency than you’d expect for either of those two things. And it’s much too pigmented to be glow drops or a body oil, though we honestly wouldn’t put anything past the geniuses in Too Faced’s labs.

It really does look like a magical smoothie, don’t you think?

Too Faced has really been throwing us curve balls with their last few sneak peeks. We’re still puzzling over this frosty, unicorn-food-looking product that could be anything from a shampoo or body wash to a setting spray or lotion.

It’s insanely pearlescent and reminiscent of Unicorn Tears — can we expect a Unicorn Tears liquid highlighter anytime soon?

We gotta admit, we’re stumped on these latest behind-the-scenes looks. It only piques our interest further in regards to all the gorgeous products that might be coming out soon. We can always count on Too Faced to provide us with the innovative, lovely makeup that makes us feel beautiful and special, so we can’t wait to see what new goodies are in the works.

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