Here’s the lowdown on Too Faced’s game-changing Glitter Pop peel-off eyeliner

If you’ve ever dabbled in a pot of glitter, then you’re aware of the lasting effects it’s got on your face. As in, some glitter just *never* seems to wash away, no matter how many times you try. But Too Faced is stepping in to solve that problem for all glitter-loving girls once and for all with their all-new Glitter Pop peel-off eyeliner.

That’s right, it’s glitter that peels off, no washes necessary. Translation: more glitter, less hassle!

An innovative new product, to say the least, Too Faced’s Glitter Pop peel-off eyeliner is designed to amplify your makeup-fabulous experience. Simply paint on the glitter liner, wait for it to dry, then peel it off when you’re done. It’s that easy.

This is ~definitely~ call for celebration. Quick, someone call Kesha to throw some glitter and make it rain!

Rumors first leaked of the Glitter Pop liner’s existence earlier this month, when our pals over at TrendMood spilled that they’d gotten their hands on the covetable eyeliner ahead of schedule. Of course, Too Faced’s fearless Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder Jerrod Blandino spoke to WWD back in 2016 about the eyeliner, saying it would “peel off like rubber.”

But now, we know the key details on this game-changing glitter liner. Though it’s part of the Spring 2018 collection, the Too Faced powers have taken mercy on us, because it will release it online on October 2nd. (That’s next week!)

Then, there’s a matter of all the stunning shades available. Of course, there’s a hypnotizing purple Fairy Queen shade.


Then, there’s the electric blue I’m Half Mermaid that’s good enough to make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck.


Super Fun Night and Lucky Bitch constitute the silver and gold ends of the glitter spectrum.



A rose gold Yes Way Rose, sparkly white Glitter Ghost, bronze Hey Mr. DJ, and a raspberry Pink complete the eight glitter-tastic colors available.

Ahhh — can it be October 2nd already?!

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