Too Faced’s adorable animal-inspired makeup bag will make you swoon

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the new Too Faced Clover palette, and co-founder Jerrod Blandino has posted another sneak peek to get our tails wagging — a cute makeup bag!

When we first heard about the eyeshadow collection inspired by Jerrod’s fur child and muse Clover, we got serious heart-eyes. Not only is the palette full of beautiful colors, but the packaging featuring the Chihuahua is ridiculously cute.

Best of all, sales will benefit the company’s new animal charity! We don’t know a whole lot about the Too Faced Animal Rescue Fund yet, but the palette won’t be released til September, so there’s plenty of time to find out.

O.M.D(og). This pouch is the cutest thing.

In the illustrations, Clover frolics with friends like a peach, a piece of toast, a panda, a narwhal, and a chocolate bar (luckily, Clover won’t be eating this friend, as chocolate is very bad for dogs!)

::saves as phone wallpaper::

The eighteen shadows are a perfect mix of neutrals, shimmers, and pastels. The light shades even resemble the pup’s coat!

Confetti to celebrate the doggo’s beauty debut.

All of the shadow names were inspired by the furry muse. There’s a yellow called Good Boy and a soft green called “Lucky Clover. #SaveThemAll is a dark metallic brown, and also seems to be the slogan of the rescue fund.

Clover is clearly exhausted from all the hard work that goes into a product launch.

According to Jerrod’s Instagram post, these Clover-inspired goodies will be available in September on for $49. We will obviously keep you posted as more is revealed!

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