Sadly, no, Too Faced is ~not~ designing a clothing line

Well, this is a bummer. After releasing an Instagram that featured a denim jacket embroidered with “Too Faced” plus a bunch of truly adorable pins, the internet understandably freaked out. Thinking the beauty brand Too Faced had a clothing line coming, we all OBVIOUSLY realigned our budgets so we were ready when it finally dropped.

Sadly, here’s the rub: there IS no Too Faced clothing line, ya’ll. Sad sad sad.

UGH. And it looks so good on, too. We were already falling asleep to dreams of ourselves in this jacket.

Since Too Faced is basically a cult brand, the internet lost its mind in anticipation. The tweetstorm was hilarious and relatable.

Sadly, Seventeen investigated, and according to Too Faced company reps, our denim dreamz are not to be. A rep told the magazine:

"Too Faced is not coming out with a clothing collection. ... Unfortunately [the pins and jacket] will not be available for sale at all."

It looks like the only people who received the jacket half of the world is coveting are beauty bloggers and other press as part of the swag for their Better Than Sex promo package. Aw.

We’re super excited for Too Faced’s new makeup, but we can’t help but still be a little bit bummed that our Too Faced clothing line dreams are shot. Clearly now the brand knows that if they were to design a line, it would definitely go over well!

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