Too Faced’s 12 Days of Beauty deals starts today with one of our favorite blushes

Too Faced Cosmetics has had quite a year, haven’t they? Between the acquisition by Estee Lauder and the sheer magnitude of beautiful new collections they’ve undertaken, it’s a wonder they have time for anything else! But, since it’s apparent that they are our beauty saviors and they cannot be stopped, Too Faced’s 12 Days of Beauty starts today, to fill our lives with joy and wonder. Starting today and running through December 15th, there will be a new deal on so that there will be no excuse for you to pick up your a new batch of your favorite must-haves. Not a bad idea for some stocking stuffers, either!

To kick off the season, the first product up to bat is their iconic Sweethearts blush!

Normally they go for $30, but today you can use code SUCHASWEETY to get any shade for just $15! Not to mention that they’re also throwing in free shipping! Deals galore!

Now it’s just a matter of deciding which of their beautiful shades to get it in.

Sparkling Bellini?


Candy Glow?


Something About Berry?


Peach Beach?


How are we supposed to pick?! They’re all gorgeous. We know we’d look radiant in each and every one of them!

This is a great indicator for how great the deals are gonna be over the next couple of weeks. We can’t wait to see what they unleash upon our weak, beauty-obsessed souls! Pop on over to Too Faced’s site to keep an eye on all the deals that are to come!

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